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Temporary Traffic Control & Protection Services for special events.

Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you with all of your temporary traffic control needs with unsurpassed efficiency and safety. From city to state specific traffic control operations, our team will develop a traffic control plan specific to your needs to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient traffic flow to, from, and around your project:


  • Single, Double and Triple Lane Closures

  • ​Full Interstate Closures

  • Traffic Shifts

  • Half or Full Road Closures

  • Bike Lane Closures

  • Sidewalk Closures

  • Detours

  • Flagging Operations

  • Mobile Operation Escorts

  • Police Services


Acme Barricades provides the highest quality of materials and services for your permanent signs project. We include regulatory and custom single-post, multi-post and break-away.

Inventory Includes:

  • Construction/Work Zone

  • Regulatory

  • Warning

  • Guide

  • Custom

Permanent Sign Installation

A TMA truck is designed to save lives in your work zone. All of our TMA trucks for sale are built to meet all work zone safety requirements. They are designed to absorb collision energy during a high or low speed rear-end impact, decreasing damage made to the vehicle and protecting motorists, workers and business. ​

​All of our truck-mounted attenuators:

  • ​2017 or newer

  • ​Freightliner M2

  • ​Have 25 Light Arrow Boards

  • ​Automatic Transmission

  • ​Compliant with 68 MPH NCHRP 350 requirement

Barricades and Channelizing Devices

We offer and install all work zone barricades and channelizing devices for your TxDOT or Non- DOT project regardless of the size including:

  • 28" Traffic Cones

  • 42" Grabber Cones

  • Barrels

  • ​Longitude Channelizing devices (water filled barrier)

  • TY I Barricades

  • ​TY III Barricades

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Truck Mounted Attenuator Sales and Rentals


Work Zone Equipment Rental

Acme Barricades offers a complete line of work zone equipment rental and our emergency response is around the clock. Our work zone rental products include:

  • Three-Line Message Board

  • Full-Matrix Message Board

  • Radar Speed Signs

  • ​Portable Light Tower

  • ​Smart Work Zone

  • ​Standard/Custom Construction Signs and Stands

  • Truck Mounted Attenuators

  • ​Retro-reflective Signage

  • Portable Rumble Strips

  • ​Channelizing Devices


Parking Lots:
2 3/8"x16ga galvanized posts
​U-Channel- galvanized posts

​TWT-13ga galvanized post with socket and wedge
​U-Channel - galvanized posts


TWT- 13ga galvanized post with socket and wedge
​10 BWG- break away slip base post system
​Sch 80 - break away slip base post system


24/7 Emergency Response



ACME Barricades is a family owned company and is rapidly becoming one of the best barricade, traffic control, and rental providers in Texas. We specialize in barricade, traffic management and rentals of Intelligent Work Zone Safety Equipment, including Portable Changeable message Signs, Arrow Boards, Radar Speed Trailers and Truck-Mounted Attenuators and our emergency response is around the clock.

Our Mission is to provide bid ideas and the absolute highest quality Traffic Control Services and work zone equipment to our customers.




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